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that's when their attitude changes why should we take you seriously if early in foster as i say in defacto alliance to keep tories away the prime minister of united kingdom says your party glorifies jurors well we don't say we stand with victims and and say i want to give expression and voice to the victims who stand in parliament score and talking about their kids you know this isn't about action for you and you know we stand up you know we long call for a truth and reconciliation process to be able to deal with the conflict and the facts of legacy and our political process the british government didn't want the british government to hide behind national security they want to hide behind reduction of documents when it comes to these inquest i want to starve these inquests of funds we know for example in the five year period sixty nine to seventy four were the real the absolution of the military process in ireland there british armed forces responsible for two thirds of civilians killed on armed on armed civilians killed but the military police controlled investigations that's why we're
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a situation i were families are looking for some sort of truth and justice when it comes to the murder of their loved ones so it's like we're going through the whole good friday agreement all over again will she consent ever to resuming the parliament in northern ireland in stormont as long as the government refuses an inquiry into the valley where a few months ago and the northern ireland government refused to fund the inquest which starts in september we would be back into the evolution tomorrow if the british government and other parties lived up to compromises and implemented deals already made and we were talking here about british orders who shot dead enders and civilians on the streets of london and then wanted arms in front of the courts it absolutely would not be tolerated so why would why should it be tolerated in belfast and just very briefly and then you got more information rather like an island massacre on eighteenth june one thousand nine hundred four as well we were british military agents imported weapons from apartheid so the african n.t.r. linde. military agents fired the weapons on the night that killed six innocent man
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who were watching a world cup football match and then as a police almost one report has revealed last year the police think colluded to cover up what these paramilitaries links to all the involved as well again there has been. resistance which many members have been stood on platforms with that's why our pasta so contested and that's the warning i give again the chilean has to say look it's not right to step in and i have retarded on them trying to use past projects on to the very delicate peace process in ireland you need to become involved need to travel to ireland and speak to victims' families and that's what has to happen chris hasn't thank you after the break. and xenophobia we speak to margaret thatcher's head of the diplomatic service about the i and they the support for apartheid in south africa zionism for risking the lives of seventeen thousand vietnamese boat people all the civil coming up about to have going on.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's. the only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really packs a punch. is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love redacted the next president of the world bank takes you. seriously if you send us an e-mail. me everybody i'm stephen baldwin. hollywood guy. ever wrote american first of all i'm just george bush and honored to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not. going to really know. with all the drama happening
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in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to. release the memo russia gate morse into the f.b.i. gate also for the u.s. and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate in jordan peterson is called a one man army and is taking the internet by storm. welcome back we're plans for margaret thatcher's statue alongside alleged war criminal winston churchill on parliament square rejected because the revelations in our next guest book maybe not but there's no doubt that britain's former diplomatic service
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chief has created waves with this month's publication of his diaries behind diplomatic lines relations with ministers lord right former ambassador to syria and saudi arabia service permanent undersecretary of state for foreign affairs and as head of the u.k. diplomatic service he joins me now thanks a lot right regarding on the show what exactly was mrs that has the view of the emancipation of the black majority in south africa well i've recorded the conversation with me before i became p. us about the us stands for a permanent under-secretary. but i have recorded the conversations i had when i was invited to lunch for my predecessor who's going to washington. and my clear recollection of the conversation was that mrs thatcher shared a very marked preference for maintaining a. white majority. land
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in southern africa. it's not that surprising given they were having wilson mandela t. shirts on i don't really own conservatives but it was a view which was. contested by the foreign secretary of the zone by geoffrey howe so i'm not for a moment suggesting that it was southern africa that was the main difference or difficulty between the prime minister and geoffrey there also personality differences. with margaret thatcher is quoted in the book i've been over there it's correct as describing jeffrey as an obama but i think in fact her treatment of geoffrey was frankly questionable. there's a story again recorded in the doris of how i think mrs thatcher was receiving and as and when told to jeffrey was waiting to see her she said he can wait
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well i mean think that that is merely an example of the way in which frankly she treated him quite on happily deliver the murdoch editor well this is. you know description in the doris of a meeting of following the. the sort of exception meeting in london of the of the commonwealth. when geoffrey howe invited me to go with him to the internet. and this is that's what started to attack geoffrey howe who opened his box and pulled out some signatures and sat doing some signatures which considerably put margaret thatcher out so she turned her far on to me. what did she say to you i didn't or remember what she said because she clearly she clearly said what she would have said to geoffrey. there's no longer with us without say geoffrey our lord how he got his own back in effect i said to closing this is just
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one. criticism of my daria's which i've read in the press and that is why attack someone criticize somebody who is long since dead the answer is that these diaries record events twenty seven years ago indeed actually they could have been they could have been clear through the twenty year rule but i received another seven years to read it. but i think that's why. they. are being printed now that mrs thatcher has long since did jeffrey howard's long since the douglas herd is sadly in a room and john major is there to read the book as he will what doug was quoted in this book seems to back up your recall recollections here saying in a cabinet of a cabinet meeting three items parliamentary affairs home affairs and xenophobia
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this was not just hurts coming in the you know was she was lady thatcher xenophobic as douglas heard a bit later thatcher had i mean i don't i don't i don't want to you know was she a racist or did this give him prettier politics i want to give the impression that i'm universally critical of lady thatcher who is wrong no it doesn't come out with it was she a raise along with ryan minister but one thing that did disturb us in the foreign office numbers i think of considerable. a considerable problem in our foreign affairs was her dislike of germans. now germany was and is now even more so a very very important member of the european union but then it was extremely important under chancellor co and margaret thatcher never acquired a relationship with chancellor which could remotely have being called so possible
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and could change. relations within what was it was the european union it was after the indeed indeed but she also was very critical of germans i mean of german speakers and this led her to be very green is that of her brains enough to be in the sense that when when austria was considered to be a member of the european union which is very small interest is. margaret thatcher was very much against the idea she thought that it was going or going to be run from germany but about racism was she saw south africa. as a geo political no i wouldn't say she was racist certainly but and i think this is a case where i would prefer margaret thatcher to be transfer my criticisms than for me to make from unanswered ok but you say that one of her worst she was at her worst when in your experience over the vietnam boat people that seventy thousand
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refugees of course you were in danger of drowning there was a danger of disagreement between jeffrey i'm out of your thoughts are on the treatment of vietnamese people i should say that that was during my time as permanent under-secretary temples probably the one case where we had a significant difference from the united states but memories of palestinians not being allowed into palestine into israel. this is a very very sensitive question in your book very aware all through it that the foreign office had a reputation when when you were in it to being pro arab and anti israel particularly in the context of it is that you're having a constituency in north london with a lot of jewish constituents right well as an arab east and having been towards arabic when i joined the foreign office i was very conscious of this. myth if i may
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perceive that right that the foreign office was totally biased on the side of the arabs we were not anti israel but we were considerably so we were aware of what was going on in the arab world because we serve them. and in order to try and correct this when i was head of the foreign office i made it very very careful i was very careful to develop relations with the jewish community and. i visited israel during my time as peiris and i really worked quite hard at it i think my diaries reveal. but i attended the ceremony in the albert hall to celebrate the anniversary was the anniversary of israel's foundation and although i perhaps took exception of that that be talked about we sang i think about the return of the jews to an empty course on mt here.
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i never this was very kind of you to emphasize to the rabbi chief rabbi who is. my desire to improve relations with you he was convinced some of us zionist view is probably still around convincingly has the reputation come from that i think i probably did convince him but if not i may be a first for it but where does the reputation come from reputation i think is largely invented by the by the media but also i think you know when when the large number of people served in the middle east they tend to give the impression that they're reflecting a corporate view and that i want to try to correct and there was nothing jewish community also helped me to try to correct because one foreign office minister during your tenure david mellor. people people they remember. he was moved
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out because of saying a few things that many people approached by listed in would say quite minor i think of your bike it's a bit far to say he was moved out but certainly he did get into trouble over remarks he made to israeli officers you're doing i'm just going to serve as well he went on a visit to israel and quite early on sol some met some jewish officers who were in charge of a camp a camp a palestinian town and he spoke perhaps in rather lurid language of the way in which they were treating their palestinian community and he got into great trouble for this did you feel when you visited the british embassy and in israel the plight of the palestinians you saw you know i also visited the consul general in jerusalem who of course was our diplomatic contact because we didn't recognize israel
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withdrew from the like washington crossing into hand i was i mean i was. introduced to a large number of palestinians during my visits truth to them and felt that actually on both sides the relationship was good she still is still a diplomat but you say israel was impeding the reunification of families certainly i don't i mean i think through a lot of problems with israeli behavior. some of which i think margaret thatcher as the m.p. for finchley. took to heart and in fact there's a story in my daria's of how she sent a message to geoffrey howe in. knox or i think then foreign secretary foreign secretary telling him to calm his.
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stop talking about. solution how difficult is it to get a book like this cleared in the book you seem to advise david. the former foreign secretary of clearing in the memo as. i did a personal basis and david i thought he probably ought to submit it for clearance. but there we are that's his the reference is one way six then a reference to a secluded area which i did i did submit i don't draft. to the foreign office in fact i think the cabinet office are responsible for clearing drafts of the source but i got foreign office clearance and triple the size before they got to it the next time you'll have to come on as. lord right talking about syria and perhaps our sort of opposition look forward to his tony blair as well all
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right thank you and that's it for the show and does the bricks it bill passes into the house of lords we'll be back on wednesday to speak to the former secretary of the treasury lord flight about why bricks it could be for the city of london until then you. will feel wednesday fifteen years to the day that according to a secret memo tony blair allegedly plotted the iraq war with us president george w. bush in the white house with or without a un resolution. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last
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turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. this is says harlan kentucky. we've all moved them
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closer to the world rich very funny zillion in. a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the job to grow all the pay rises showed that there was a lot of these people the survivors of a wool disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see the and it's how it's happened. if you look at the report that you have him and i'll. repeat.
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it. russia's paralympian team is banned from the upcoming winter games their athletes will be allowed to compete as neutral. youngsters were implicated in the system so it's not a matter of if i think it's fair or not it's a matter of meeting a creature that was approved by. the decision comes as the world anti-doping agency launches a new probe into claims that the latest generation stumble containers can be easily tampered with. islamic state claims it carried out an attack on a military academy in cobol killing eleven servicemen and injuring sixty it's the
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latest in a string of terrorist atrocities in afghanistan that have left over one hundred people dead. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with mina key aaron good to have you with us this hour and we start this hour with breaking news on r.t. international the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on team russia for the upcoming twenty eighteen winter games however clean russian athletes will be allowed to compete in south korea in march and a neutral flag artie's peter all of a joins me now live with more on the decision peter good to see you can you tell us more about what this ruling means hello. well yes it was passed on by the international paralympic committee's president andree pass and he
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said that the. russians team would be upheld he also said that there would be options for athletes competing is neutrals around thirty to thirty five russians could be allowed to compete but they wouldn't be allowed to represent team russia there would be no russian uniforms no. russian flags and no russian national anthem in handing down this extension of the president pass and said. that there had been great steps made by russia when it came to ante doping he said that now there was confidence in dope testing in russia he said whereas previously it had been compromised corrupted however he did point out that the way this all works it was inevitable that clean athletes would still find themselves banned from competing in. the athletes were implicated in the system so only the absolutes that
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we can prove that for they meet. strictly the criteria that was set up are the ones that we were allowed to compete so it's not a matter of if i think it's fair or not it's a matter of. money. but to put that into some figures if we look sixty seven russian athletes were tested as head of the young chang games all of those sixty seven well they were cleared of having done anything wrong have been taking any banned substances however as i said only thirty to thirty five will likely get the option to compete neutral athletes at the twenty eighteen winter olympics but this news of extending that ban comes amid new news coming out surrounding the the bottles that are used to collect drug samples or urine
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samples from athletes two that are being tested to see if they'd taken performance enhancing drugs now when an athlete gives a sample they actually give two samples an a sample and a big sample the a sample is the first one that's tested the b. sample is then frozen and used for a secondary test should the a sample show up anything untoward now what's come out from a laboratory in cologne in germany is that when these particular bottles that are supposed to be impossible to open without the correct tools are frozen while they become quite easy to open that's seen wider the world anti-doping agency launch or an investigation into these new bottles certainly something that's got the people here where i was speaking to at the international power elim pick committee talking about it also a lot of people investigating elsewhere about just how secure these all important test samples are. and it's an interesting development isn't it that's the artes
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peter all about that thanks peter. well before today's i.p.c. announcements there were calls for a complete ban on team russia the head of germany's paralympic committee said the decision should not differ from that which was taken in rio however the i.p.c. has refrained from a blanket ban since russia has met certain conditions for example it's implemented a robust testing program for athletes launched an education program for competitors and coaches and set up a whistleblower hotline artie's eagles dawn of takes a closer look at russia's paralympic saga. all of them have a disability but each and every one of them have proven themselves very able they spent years defying the odds training for the real twenty sixteen paralympics they had a dream but what they got instead was reality. delivered from
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the word of. the you don't want on totals war in the. world to. believe in all. my using smoke no or yes lois even if. you will up by post but it is all that many of them had there in your skull stormiest to start with now but only when there's a. guidebook. these people are cheats apparently by the standards of the international paralympic committee at least weeks before the games in brazil the whole russian team was hit with a blanket ban not a single athlete allowed to participate the decision was based on a report its evidence and key witness still suspicious to those named and shamed the mclaren investigation accused russia of running a labrador open scheme orchestrated by the kremlin store brass according to the
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report a key russian lab routinely swapped dirty samples for clean ones resealing the bottles how did the russians do it a lot of people would love to hear mclaren's take on this mclaren says his word is evidence enough i've seen it i've seen it done in i've inspected it and it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know they can be done the report revolves around the eyewitness account of grigori watch and of he is the former head of most schools anti doping lab and says he was one of the cogs in the doping conspiracy in russia he's a want. man facing charges for destroying dope and samples and abusing authority dece is a clear violation of the burden of proof and assumption of innocence it's a ticklish and legally not acceptable in doping cases it is a well established rule you have to prove as
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a doping agency that for ninety nine point nine percent somebody has doped mclaren report is not proven enough to make a collective ban on all athletes there must be something else and does else is politics presumption of innocence out of the window guilty by association these people have been stripped of everything their flag national anthem and colors. we care about how the russians completing it so they adopt the right policy but sure they are a clean nation never mind cleaned out they are to be a clean nation in the wake of the scandal russia admitted to having a doping problem and has since tightened the legal screws only a handful of countries across europe consider doping a criminal offense russia now does yet the paralympic committees decision has been
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to ban and those guilty by association good sports capital punishment it was done of r.t. we discussed the latest i.p.t. decision with alan moore host of capital sports on moscow's campus on f.m. radio station he thinks that all athletes have proved clean it should be allowed to compete. everything that they said today i mean it. is a little bit of given it that they allow some assets between thirty thirty five to compete a lot of a still doesn't make sense because ultimately as we all know this diseases are based on an informant's kind of wish to get away from russia so i mean did this is based on raj i think we have to be very very careful in how we deal with this for special deals athletes of power astley's they are already presumed guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence athletes who've been testing clean and the last twelve or seventeen months as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to
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compete we go back to thirty two thirty five seats will go right now we believe but i do believe just more twists and turns yet to come in this tale. well the ban was imposed back in twenty sixteen when the whole russian power limping paralympian tame was bought from the rio games just weeks before the competition started some of the at affected athletes told us how they felt. but the wish to buy the book but if the supports occurred that would be repeated the real goal but are now covered in your current budget. but if your goal is to go through is such a valuable scares you put up a book or put your.


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